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Feel Hard Persist Rage – Joshua Fighting Finally Works

Anthony Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, hopes that Tyson Fury will defeat Oleksandr Usyk in a rematch and become the undefeated heavyweight champion so that AJ can fight him in the main event.

Hearn wants Fury to win, but knows deep down that it's unlikely to happen. His vision for a big fight between Fury and Joshua is not very good.

Dud price

Hearn says a fight between Joshua and Fury is possible, even if Gyspy King loses the rematch with Usyk. That would tarnish the fight in the eyes of boxing fans, especially if they were charged to buy the Fury vs. Joshua on PPV.

Who in their right mind would want to buy a Fury-Joshua fight after Fury showered off another stick with Usyk?

If they play the Fury-Joshua fight under that scenario, with Fury coming off a losing streak, they need to call the fight to sell. Hearn and Fury's promoter will need to call it right. Making it free will work, but that won't.

Fury' Bathed At 35?

It would be better if Fury (34-1-1, 24 KOs) avenged his loss to Usyk (22-0, 14 KOs), but that might be too much to hope for because Gysky King is 35 years old. looking old, washed out, and needing to be saved by the referee in the ninth round.

Watching the referee twice get in Usyk's way in the ninth round made it clear that he was not going to be able to knock Fury down. In the rematch, it would be a different referee, and it is unlikely that we will see a situation where Fury will be protected if Usyk starts to put him on him.

Hearn's Hedging His Bets

“We only have a few days left. It takes time to accept defeat. It takes time to see your hurt and lick your wounds. So we'll see how things go,” said promoter Eddie Hearn on iFL TV about Tyson Fury.

As you can see, Hearn has already backed down, talking about Fury needing time to lick his wounds and accept his loss. That's code for Hearn being worried that Fury will be beaten by Usyk again, and that will affect his view of the match between Tyson and AJ.

“If you're Tyson Fury, you're going to want another crack at Oleksandr Usyk,” Hearn continued. “It was a big fight. The rematch will be a big fight. For AJ, he wants to be a three-time world heavyweight champion.

“So, I think he needs to focus on whoever he's going to fight next,” Hearn said of Anthony Joshua. “He would like to fight Fury next. He would like to fight Usyk. If not, it could be Hrgovic-Dubois winner next week. He is ready for all comers.

“It takes a lot from these men, especially at their age, especially Oleksandr Usyk,” said Hearn when asked if the Fury vs.

“They both gave a lot that night and maybe lost a little bit of their soul in the process, but they are both great fighters and two true heroes.

Pipeline Dream Fade

“I agree. Even if Fury loses the rematch, I think we will see that fight,” said Hearn when asked if he believes the fight between Fury and Joshua will happen in the end.

“Obviously we wanted Tyson Fury to win. “I think he can win the rematch, and that would be a good situation,” said Hearn, hoping Fury will beat Usyk in a rematch to make the Fury-Joshua fight possible.

Hearn is adamant that the Fury-Joshua fight will happen, regardless of what happens with the Usyk rematch. If Fury is beaten, the fight with AJ will not be as big as Hearn hoped it would be. It would be the equivalent of an old-time celebrity game.

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