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Golf Business News – Canon introduces laser rangefinder with built-in camera

Canon Europe has launched the golf laser rangefinder market with the launch of the PowerShot GOLF, a compact rangefinder that combines camera function.

The new product marks Canon's first foray into the world of golf accessories, incorporating advanced range-finding capabilities with optical imaging technology for maximum benefit.

The pocket-sized PowerShot GOLF provides quick and accurate distance readings anywhere on the course while allowing golfers to record their round with its easy-to-use camera.

With crystal-clear optics, 6x optical and 12x digital magnification, and image stabilization technology, golfers can explore the course in detail, focusing on flags, greens, bunkers and other important hazards, helping them to develop their strategies for improvement. decisions about which club to use.

The unit also offers elevation-corrected distances when using the optional Slope Mode, including 'match play' distances that can be closed for competition use.

PowerShot GOLF's built-in camera enables golfers to capture photos and videos of specific holes with recorded distance information on the golf course. This feature allows users to create a personal lesson diary, complete with a voice memo to record the breakdown of every shot. The camera is also perfect for documenting those unforgettable moments, recalling an exciting lesson, for educational purposes, tracking progress, or sharing wins on social media.

It also has a built-in battery that can be recharged via the USB-C port with the supplied cable.

To find out more about the Canon PowerShot GOLF laser rangefinder and to order, visit

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