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76ers Prepared to Offer Jimmy Butler Max Extension

The Philadelphia 76ers have plans to make a big move or two this offseason. They are expected to pursue Paul George in relief and another key player or two. Philadelphia has a ton of cap space to play with that will make it an attractive destination for free agents. However, the 76ers could also try to negotiate a trade with the Miami Heat and bring back Jimmy Butler. The Heat seemed somewhat reluctant to give Butler contract time. Given this, many have speculated whether his time with the Heat is over. Philadelphia knows Butler wants a big extension no matter where he goes and is willing to give him one if the deal is completed this offseason.

Philadelphia 76ers May Target Jimmy Butler in Trade

Could Jimmy Butler be a good fit for the 76ers?

We've already seen Jimmy Butler hang out with one-time MVP, Joel Embiid. The 76ers still have a good, young core that should be able to compete with the best in the league if they are healthy. As a result, Jimmy Butler would have no problem fitting in with this talented program. It helps that he is already familiar with the organization and will once again form a good trio alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

As already mentioned, money will not be a problem for the 76ers and they will be able to extend Butler without a problem. Paul George is still the 76ers' preferred target, but Jimmy Butler is a solid backup. However, that includes negotiating with Pat Riley, who will make sure Miami gets a decent haul regardless of the trade talks. Still, the 76ers have plenty of draft money to lure the Heat.

76ers Must Use Joel Embiid's Window

Given Joel Embiid's injury history, the 76ers' title window is slowly closing. Because of that, they have to make “win-now,” moves. Butler could be the missing link that could help them make the final step toward an NBA Finals appearance. We've seen Butler reach the finals twice in the last four years. It will be interesting to see what he can do with the 76ers' supporting cast. Joel Embiid has playoff demons, and the Miami Heat All-Star can help the star center harness them. All in all, Jimmy Butler's reunion with the Philadelphia 76ers could shake up the NBA landscape in a big way.

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