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Adam Silver confirms that the NBA continues to negotiate TV rights

Despite many suggesting that TNT and parent company Warner Bros. Discovery season with the NBA is over, league commissioner Adam Silver isn't ready to name a winner just yet. According to him, the rights of the media still do not have an owner, as the negotiations are still ongoing.

Although the NBA and TNT have been partners for more than two decades, a lot could change if most of these reports turn out to be true. The sources confirm that the new media deal could include Disney/ESPN, NBC and Amazon, and therefore would leave Warner Bros. Discovery without a picture.

Although the league has not made an announcement about the next home in the coming years, Silver confirmed that the negotiations for broadcast packages are ongoing, and no one knows what will happen.

“Who knows,” the NBA commissioner told reporters when asked shortly before the White House dinner. “We are all still talking. Who knows how it will go.”

Silver also said that he knows for sure that whatever happens in the end, at least two of the stars of the program will continue to unite the league for years to come. “We will not lose Charles and Kenny,” he assured. “They will always shut down the NBA. . . . I can't imagine those guys [on ‘Inside the NBA’] We will not be performing and announcing together in the future, and we all love them.”

Despite the commissioner's request, Barkley admitted recently that all employees are “scared to death” about the future. Chuck revealed that the entire crew was still in the dark, which created a strange situation for the show during the NBA playoffs.

“We have no idea what's going to happen,” the Suns icon revealed last week in Chicago. “We may lose it … it's a constant brutality, everyone is afraid of death.”

Barkley Calls TNT Leaders 'Clowns' And Says He Could Take Over NBA Production

Charles Barkley is frustrated that TNT is on the verge of losing the rights to broadcast the NBA, as it could be Inside the NBA it may also disappear. The latest reports suggest the league is finalizing its new media rights deal with Disney/ESPN, Amazon and the NBA.

If things continue this way, it will leave TNT without basketball action for the first time in more than two decades. Even parent company Warner Bros. Discovery has the money to match the NBC package, it seems unlikely to continue this way.

Chuck just showed up The Dan Patrick Show and spat out all that he had kept in his mind on the subject. The Hall of Famer heard from TNT leadership that allowed the league to walk out the door. “The character is simple, clear and simple. I treat my co-workers very badly, Dan. These people have families and I just feel bad for them right now.

“These people I work with, they messed this thing up, and we don't know what will happen. I don't feel well. I'm not going to lie especially when they came out yesterday saying we bought college football. I thought, oh my, they could have used that money to buy the NBA,” he said on the air.

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