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At the US Women's Open, golf gossip is hiding in 1 (crowded) spot.

Ahead of the 2024 US Women's Open, the grounds of Lancaster Country Club were buzzing with Lexi Thompson.

Dustin Satloff, USGA

LANCASTER, Pa. — It's Tuesday of US Women's Open week, and the driving range at Lancaster Country Club is packed. The flat hitting surface is more than 100 yards from either side, but on this day, every available surface works.

As the cool cool afternoon gives way to a warm and humid afternoon, that theme remains. Storms hit eastern Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon, so this is the first full day of preparation for all 156 players on the field. And as they all know, the march to the most coveted title in women's golf begins on the practice field.

The driving range is not just a haven for players; and is a meeting place for all types of golf professionals – agents, managers, operators, volunteers, golf instructors, caddies, members of the media. Fitting them all into 20,000 square meters in the shadow of Lancaster's clubhouse seems impossible, but on this day, there were no problems.

The talk of the list – and all the material – is about the lesson. In particular, William Flynn's design test will introduce 156 women in the field. Nelly Korda, the world's top-ranked player, calls it a “beast.” Brooke Henderson, who has won two major titles, says it will force players to “think [their] here and there.” Defending champion Allsen Corpuz predicts it will be “a great test of bravery.”

“Greens have a lot going on,” says Lauren Coughlin. He's in the midst of his best season as a professional, and just got a T3 in his first win of the year. “If you hit it in the wrong places, they are there cruel.

It's impossible to prepare a line-up for everything Lancaster will throw at the players this week, but the players are sure to try. On the far right side of the range, Jin Young Ko begins his practice routine by unpacking his Foresight GCQuad, which is equipped to track all kinds of data on his every move. He directs the forward sticks to the distance, peppering them with various balls. Recently, Ko has been the world's best golfer and killer with a scoring club, once scoring 63 GIRs in a row. He has two top-five finishes at the national championships, including a runner-up finish in 2020, but victory has been elusive.

Gee Chun may be the player on this week's pitch who knows Lancaster CC best. She won the US Women's Open the last time she competed here, in 2015, and has adopted the Amish Country town as her second home. The people here love him, and he loves them right back, which sounds not important but could be very important when the stands fill this weekend – expected to be some of the loudest in recent memory. When Chun enters the range, the bleachers full of fans immediately take notice.

“We love you In Gee!” shouted one fan.

To the left of the bleachers, a group of young people are waiting for autographs, holding white flags in their hands. Charley Hull walks up puffing on a cigarette, pausing to give his autograph while a burning heater dangles from his lips.

Suddenly, everyone's phones start ringing with notifications. Rumors follow.

“Did you hear the news?”

lexi thompson wipes away tears in a pink shirt at the thornton invitational

After unexpected retirement, Lexi Thompson opens up about struggle with 'loneliness'


James Colgan

Lexi Thompson recently announced that she will retire at the end of the season. Barring a change of heart, this will be her last US Women's Open at just 29 years old.

“I feel very satisfied with where my life is and where this decision will lead me,” said Thompson to the media later this afternoon. “I'm looking forward to what life has in store outside of golf.”

Thompson has long been one of the most popular players in women's golf. Ask even a casual fan and Thompson's name will surely come up. A win has eluded Lexi for a long time, especially in this tournament, but the golf gods smile on sunsets, and from his spot on the course Thompson appeared to be smiling as well.

If ever there was a time for that “most popular” moniker to be passed on, it's this year. Korda enters the week playing the best golf of anyone in the world. He won six championships in eight starts and his legend grows every week.

As the world number 1 walks in training gear – followed by a caddy, an agent and a physio – there is no human attention desired by autograph-seeking fans. Korda does his best to sign as many flags as possible, but finally, it's time to get to work.

Korda's workout starts with half wedges and moves up the bag, finishing with a driver. All the while, Brett Lederer (the top lieutenant of his head bowling coach, Jamie Mulligan) is watching.

“I've had Jamie or Brett here almost every week,” Korda said. “Making sure that my team also gives me time and going out and making sure that we are all dedicated to each other has been something that has changed this year.”

As the sun sinks lower in the sky, the characters change in the distance. Korda is replaced by Brooke Henderson, and Hull is replaced by Rose Zhang (minus the cigarette). There are stars and dreamers, established veterans and top contenders, all sharing the same space – and all with the same goal: to win the US Women's Open.

It all starts at a distance.

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