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Carolina Has Several Options When It Comes To Martin Necas

Hurricanes Talk Contract First With Martin Necas Before Trading Him

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Season joined Steve Kouleas and Carter Hutton on the Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Power Play segment. When asked about Martin Necas in Carolina, he believes the Hurricanes will want to discuss a contract first before exploring a trade.

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Carter Hutton: “So if we're talking about my father, Marty Necas, my father talked about his playing and he needs more time and where do you live here and you know clearly that he has good Worlds. He went over there and played very well and had a good playoff you know, with Carolina trying to sign him.”

Dave Pagnotta: “Yes, and like everything his father said in my understanding is true. But maybe they would have chosen on the Carolina side, on the agent's side, everybody if that was, you know, kept inside, but that's where it is and that's what it is now, but he doesn't want a higher role. You want more responsibility. He feels ready for that. Two on the powerplay and five out of five.

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And he wants to be able to raise his game and exploit his talents more. And I think there is some confusion as to whether you will be able to do that or not. Or the other questions though is whether you'll be able to do that under the existing system with Rod Brind'Amour's plan.

I believe they will explore a trade. I think they will first want to discuss with his agent, what the contract will look like. They haven't reached that point yet. But they will want to have a conversation. Just to see what a possible extension might look like. If we talk to people in this league, it could be six to eight years. The $7 million range if you're talking about time, and things like that.

So he's still a few years away from a UFA. Are you missing in one year and check again, those various options, but they want to first have that conversation. What does the contract look like? What do you think, here is what we think and we will go from there, but I firmly believe that there is already interest in Martin Necas.

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There is a lot of interest. And many teams are waiting to see when they will have the opportunity to at least have a conversation about possibly following him this offseason. There have been discussions during the year, I think they will continue.

I think he is a prime candidate to be removed. But it doesn't necessarily mean they will. But he is someone they can listen to. They should just have an initial contract negotiation before exploring all their options. “

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