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Tsitsipas in Badosa Love Match: Best of Both Worlds

Written by Richard Pagliaro | @Itenisi_Manje | Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Stefanos Tsitsipas again Paula Badosa they saved souls.

Now, the tennis power couple is set to make magic mixing together at Roland Garros.

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Former French Open finalist Tsitsipas and former Indian Wells champion Badosa, who rekindled their romance after a brief 23-day breakup, received a surprise wildcard at Roland Garros mixed doubles.

The Stars are the only non-French teams to be awarded a mixed doubles wild card.

Tsitsipas lost Daniel Altmaier 6-3, 6-2, 6-7, 6-4 today to reach Roland Garros singles third round for the sixth year in a row.

The 25-year-old Greek, who calls his relationship with Badosa a “soul engagement”, said afterwards that the couple's connection is stronger because of their love and work in common.

“I feel like if there are things that I don't really get or feel connected to about my work, I can connect with someone I love who has spent the same amount of time as I have. on the field I'm trying to find a game, which is a little useful in my life, I feel like,” said Tsitsipas. “We both have the same passion and we both do the same thing in life.

“So to have someone around you who you love and who can talk freely and understandably and over and over again about tennis, I think it's a good spirit to have someone like that who you can trust. I think for me that person knows a lot about tennis and analyzes the game well.”

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Three-time Monte-Carlo champion Tsitsipas said Badosa's compassion and understanding of the pressures he faces as a top professional helped deepen their relationship.

In order to do that, sometimes they talk tricks and strategies and sometimes the couple completely cut the game.

“Besides that, we still have times when we completely leave the tennis game and focus on other hobbies that interest us,” said Tsitsipas. “It's a very good relationship, because we can combine from both worlds and we can, I feel like, understand each other's lives much better than any other kind of relationship because we know their problems, we know our processes or maybe some of them. ours, how can you say it, when you enter the session certain.”

When it comes to tennis, the two will share the court twice and already share a support system.

Tsitsipas calls Badosa “my favorite player” and Badosa has put his boyfriend at the top of his wish list.

“Well, my partner and I talk a lot about tennis. Our main goal is to help each other get some things,” said Tsitsipas. “We both have many questions. I feel like we are equally experienced in our craft and have a lot of insight into how certain situations will be handled. That is because of the experience that has been accumulated over the years.

“We are talking about equipment. We talk about things we can improve. Paula keeps saying, and it annoys me, that she wishes she had my gift. I tell him I'm sorry, but that's not possible so you'll have to find ways around it (smiles).

“Sometimes I think back, oh, gosh, I wish I could have found him. He destroys the ball on the returns, and it seems to be very difficult for his side. You know, we try and learn from these things and obviously we share the vision. how do we proceed.”

Photo credit: Paula Badosa Instagram

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