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Kristaps Porzingis is expected to return from injury before the start of the NBA Finals

If there's one thing the Celtics have shown this season, it's that they have enough rosters to compete in the NBA. Since losing Kristaps Porzingis to a calf injury in Game 4 of the first round, they have gone 9-1 without him. Even his replacement, Al Horford, has been making history in his absence.

However, they will need their versatile big man in the Finals if they wish to end their 15-year title drought. The question now is, is he ready to go on June 6 in Game 1 of the final stage?

As the Boston team is still waiting for its next opponents between the Mavericks and the Timberwolves, the Latvian star has used this time to complete his recovery. According to Shams Charania insider, there is hope that the center will return when the final series starts.

“There is definitely hope. There is definitely hope,” he said on Tuesday about the program Run It Back the show. “There are still problems, I am told that he will have to fix them before he plays in Game 1 of the Finals, but there is hope that this next week will give him time to strengthen again. prepare for that Game 1 next Thursday.”

Even his teammates are hoping he's back for their final race of the tournament, as they need all the shots they need. Payton Pritchard attended the press conference and even shared an encouraging update on Latvian progress.

“He looks really good. “I think he'll be ready pretty soon,” the guard told NBC Sports Boston's Abby Chin before the Pacers were eliminated in Game 4.

Not long ago, even Porzingis shared his thoughts on his condition, but confirmed that he will be back in action soon. “Thank you to everyone who has supported and sympathized throughout the season. I'll be back on line soon. See you in the finals,” he said in Latvian.

Different insiders shared their thoughts on when they believe the Celtics will be 100% eligible for the NBA Finals.

Boston reporter Chris Forsberg admitted he felt “greedy” when thinking about Kristaps' return, as he wants him to be in top form when he steps on the court. “I want him to return to top form,” he said on Wednesday Early Edition.

“But I'm greedy, right? Like, I don't know where he is in his recovery. He spoke to us very early in the process. It all seems very encouraging. … And he had the luxury of not running him back this past series. So, will the extra 10 days put him in a position where he can be something more than just the 20 minutes you were hoping for? I will cross my fingers and hope so,” he added.

Although Dallas appears to be a reasonable opponent in the NBA Finals, with a 3-1 lead heading into Thursday's Game 5, Forsberg explained how Porzingis' recovery will serve as an extra boost for the event.

“One thing I will say, it's Dallas on the other side. A little motivation after it didn't work for Luka (Doncic),” he added. “And I'm surprised, not only by the personnel intelligence that they need him in this series because some of their bigs (Daniel) Gafford and (Dereck) Lively will be around the basket, but in general, I think he will be there. look at the court and go, 'Am I accused of not working? That's not right.'”

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