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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang opens up on the Mikel Arteta controversy and Arsenal's exit

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has accused Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta of a lack of personality over the row that led to from the from the Emirates Stadium in 2022.

Aubameyang was the club's captain when Arteta arrived and spent two years in the position before a back-to-back clash in training saw him stripped of the belt and kicked out of the club. He eventually joined Barcelona on a free transfer on the last day of the January transfer window.

Talking to CointerviewAubameyang presented his side of the story, taking responsibility while also questioning Arteta's response to the situation.

“It was during Covid and we were playing, I think, Everton,” Aubameyang recalled. “My season was not good, we were struggling in the league and the day before the coach told us: 'Look, it doesn't matter if we win or not, you have a day off. But if you want to leave the team, the country, tell us before the game because you have to follow the health safety rules'.

“My mother, a few months ago, had a stroke, it was going to be Christmas time so I went to see the coach and said to him: 'Coach, I'm coming to see you because I like to travel.' [for the day off],I'm still going to pick up my mother so I can bring her back for the holidays'. He doesn't tell me anything. He knew exactly what happened, on the day it happened he gave me permission to go see him. So he authorizes me and tells me to check with a doctor about a Covid-related relapse.

“I will go home to Laval, normally I would go on a rest day and come back in the evening instead of training in the morning. My mother had to go for a doctor's examination, I could not go in the evening so I went next. in the morning on the training day. When I got there, I had to take my [Covid] try it but in fact I should have done it the day before as I am coming from another country.

“I arrived when the coach finished his meeting and he grabbed me and wept and shouted at me like I was crazy. He said: “He put a knife in my back. You can't do that to me given the times we go to' At that moment I told myself that I won't answer him because the anger will end. I didn't go to the party. He knows very well the reason why I left at that time. I don't understand why he is teaching me like this.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mikel Arteta

The pair were close at the start of Arteta's Arsenal / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Although he hoped that the situation would pass, Aubameyang quickly realized that Arteta was not willing to forgive and forget.

The former Arsenal striker continued: “I go home and the doctor calls me and says 'Tomorrow, the coach doesn't want you to be there'. I said ok, I knew the next game was coming and I thought to myself: 'Well, everyone will be talking about me again, it's going to be bad, this is crazy '.

“Days go by and the doctor tells me: 'Look, he doesn't want you to be with the team anymore, but you will be able to come and train but separately.' I tell myself it's okay… Then after that. , he calls me to have a meeting to explain to me that firstly he is taking off the captain's armband, secondly I am no longer training with the team.

“He also explained why he was against me at this time when there were difficulties in the team. That I should be an example and I could not do that. At that time, I said: “I admit that I have my share of responsibility but the real reason I think you can understand if you are a small person You can understand my movements.

“After that it was over and I spent a whole month practicing alone while waiting to leave.


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