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“You bring a beast that defends itself”

Outstanding Virginia Ryan Dunn is a first round pick and arguably the top defensive prospect in the 2024 NBA Draft.

During the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, Dunn discussed how he transitioned from baseball to basketball at a young age, what he enjoys about defense, things he didn't show about his game in college, player comparisons, his draft picks, and more. by HoopsHype.

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Ryan Dunn: I played baseball when I was young. It was my first game and first love. I hurt my elbow when I was 13 or 14. I played basketball for fun, but it wasn't that hard. I played a lot of basketball after I hurt my elbow, and the love for the game changed, and I started playing basketball a lot. When I was 15, 16, or 17, I started to take it seriously. It was good for me. I made good progress, and I'm happy to be here.

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RD: It's delicious. I feel like that's a popular topic that we talk about in basketball. Everyone wants to score. In Virginia, I learned that this is one of the gifts I have protected trying to guard the best player. That's my calling card and what got me here. Throughout this process, I continue to remember what brought me here.

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RD: I feel like I have the ball in my hands a little bit. I work on blocking outside the three-point line and offensive linemen. I've been working on that a lot this offseason. I've been working on my handle and getting it out of rebounding, whether it's my own, making plays, catching and shooting threes, and making that as consistent as possible.

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RD: What they see is what they will look for. Defense, that's what I was known for. I didn't shoot it well, but I feel like I'm a better shooter and a better offensive player.

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RD: There are many players I look up to, like them Paul George again Herb Jones, very defensively. I think the closest I have is this OG Anunoby right now, he's also in the playoffs with his size and strength on defense.

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RD: I am confident. I think I would be 15-30 in that range.

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RD: He brings a defensive monster that can instantly guard, learn your plans, and hold his own.

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RD: I hope to win an NBA championship and have my own recognition, like being an All-Star, and be one of those guys in the league who is a veteran and helps the rookies.

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