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Josh Hart Hits Back at Criticism for His Jayson Tatum Comments

Josh Hart was caught in the middle of the Jayson Tatum / Derrick White mess after his comments about the two NBA athletes.

Hart was discussing Tatum and White on the Pivot Podcast and said, “I would put, like, an impact, I would put Derrick White (as) an impact on that (Tatum). Check out every important play in the last six minutes from the fourth to overtime. Every big game he made. He is probably one of the most influential players because he does everything on the pitch, and he does everything at a very high level.”

Hart's comments were then addressed ESPN's stand up, with host Mike Greenberg saying, “it sounds like there's a desire to slow down Jayson Tatum.”

The Knicks guard wasn't too happy with Greenberg's evaluation of his comments and took time out X to answer.

“You do realize that saying something that has a big impact is not putting someone down, right?” Hart wrote in X. “I left out this 'desire to discredit JT's narrative'.”

One thing Hart is right about is the humiliating narrative surrounding Tatum right now.

NBA analyst Bill Simmons recently said on his podcast that the emptiness surrounding Tatum is palpable in Boston.

“I know in the Celtics organization, all the way, they're really frustrated with the Tatum coverage,” he said. The Bill Simmons Podcast.

“In the sense that he's 26 years old, he's scored more points than any player in his prime, he's made three All-NBA first teams. [teams]. He made All-NBA this year.”

The criticism of Tatum isn't far off, but it seems like the Celtics guard will need to win a ring in this series to really silence the haters.

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