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Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving combined for 72 points to take the Mavs to the NBA Finals

On Thursday, the Mavericks finally sealed their third trip to the NBA Finals after beating the Timberwolves 124-103 and completed a 4-1 victory in the Western Conference game series. The Slovenian player combined for 72 points with his teammate Kyrie Irving and proved that they have what it takes to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

As they are about to face the Celtics on June 6, there is a lot of news to follow. This isn't just Luka Doncic's first time on the league's biggest stage, or Jayson Tatum's second chance at a ring, it's also Kristaps Porzingis' clash with his old team.

When the game ended, the Dallas star could not hide his excitement. “We're going to the NBA finals,” said Luka during the celebration on the court in Minneapolis. “I just can't believe it, man.”

After Boston missed its chance to win a title in 2022, when it fell to Golden State in six games, they will now get their second real chance in three years. On the other hand, the Mavs are in the title game for the first time since they beat the Heat in 2011.

“Boston is on the road and within our goal,” Kyrie said after the game, then mentioned the importance of living in the moment. “Nothing is guaranteed in this league, especially reaching the finals every year.”

Irving, who won an NBA title with the Cavaliers alongside LeBron James, recalled the importance of playing as a team. “We couldn't do it without the collective responsibility, working together every day, practicing hard, doing the little things. We have to reward ourselves by playing hard,” he said.

The Massachusetts franchise has been resting since Monday night's sweep of the Pacers, and is waiting for Kristaps Porzingis to recover from his ankle injury and hopefully return for Game 1. “He's progressing well and working hard to get back,” the Celtics coach said. Joe Mazulla.

The Boston club is preparing to face the NBA Finals in a different way than it did two years ago playing with the Warriors

Back in 2022, Golden State's championship experience prevailed against the Celtics. Now, the Boston team feels like they have learned their lesson, and they will take advantage of the fact that this time they have more experience in these situations than the Mavericks.

“It is a new challenge. It's a different situation,” explained center Al Horford, who has been playing well in Porzingis' absence since the first round of the postseason. “I am happy to be in this position and to have this opportunity.”

According to the manager of Boston, the fact that they will have a whole week to rest and prepare for this series, will be a big advantage for the Massachusetts side. Mazzella explained why they would not waste time.

“Nothing really matters if you let it go to waste,” assures Joe. “Between now and June 6, we have to use all the experience we've gone through, and we have to make sure we use it and use it to put ourselves in a good position to win.”

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