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10 reasons why your daughter should play golf (and why she'll love it!)

Golf is full of lessons that go beyond the course, so here's how to get your daughter into the game.

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Whether you're a dad who just wants to bond with his daughter, or someone who hopes his little girl will get into a competitive sport that teaches all kinds of life lessons, I've seen many parents encourage their children to play golf.

Most of the time, when introduced the right way, the kid enjoys it — which is good for the game, especially for the next generation of young golfers.

So how can you get your daughter golfing right, and why will she love it? I give some reasons below.

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Why (and how) your daughter will learn to love golf

To be honest, most girls don't like golf right away. But with the right approach, some patience, and good communication, there are ways to get them hooked – it may take some time.

After years of watching parents try to do just that, here are 10 ways to help little girls get into the game.

1. Make it fun

Before anything else, study you have to be sweet. A wagon ride is a great way to make it fun. Going to the restroom to get a snack is also helpful. Birding or birding on the course is a great activity to practice being on the golf course. So between any lessons, make it fun for them.

2. Basics are key

If a lady can learn to hold the club well and plan well, there will be some success – so learning these basics early will pay off in the long run.

Once they've got the basics down, it can also be fun to set specific goals they can achieve – like putting the ball in the air or hitting it to a target.

3. Stop the lesson if he does not show interest

If I noticed that my student wasn't enjoying themselves, getting frustrated, or just wasn't into it, I would change the subject and try to end on a high note to leave them with some kind of accomplishment. Forcing a lesson or trying to get any young golfer to play or practice more than they can handle will only frustrate them.

4. Hit it far

Every golfer is obsessed with hitting the ball far, so it doesn't matter if you're a mid-handicapper in your 30s or a young girl just getting into the game. There's just something very satisfying about hitting it that far.

Over time, you can get them to worry about hitting it straight or practicing their placement, but having more distance is always a good skill to have – and a lot of fun!

5. Bend the rules and play golf with nothing on

It's no secret that golf can be a little intimidating for beginners. There are a lot of different rules that you have to know, and there are often performance concerns when you get out there and have people watching you swing the club.

To make things less stressful and take it easy on your little girl, you might want to try barefoot golf. I've done this with a few of my younger girls and they loved it, helping them see that play doesn't always have to be serious.

6. Bribe them

If you really hope to get your little girl golfing, bribing her may be a good way. I know, it sounds bad on the surface, but offering some kind of reward for taking lessons may lead them to love the game. Once they develop the basics and start to see success, they can get caught up – and forget about some of the activities they'd like to do.

7. Life lessons

One of the greatest parts about the game of golf is all the life lessons it teaches. Focus, perseverance, hard work, and continuous learning are just a few that come to mind. Shared time on the course with your family will also be a great benefit of having your daughters play. Some of my favorite memories growing up were playing golf with my dad.

8. They will thank you later

Although some daughters may not be enthusiastic about learning to play golf at first, in almost every case I have seen, the girl was grateful later in life. Even though this girl didn't stick with the game for long, just spending time with family and friends, while learning other important lessons, were things she valued as she grew up.

9. Playing with their boy friends

Golf is a great social club – especially for younger girls. Young ladies who play this game will have more opportunities to be included with their male friends as they enter middle and high school, helping them build healthy relationships.

10. Business golf and outings

This can be a huge benefit for your daughters to learn golf at a young age, as they will have the opportunity to participate in corporate golf tournaments as they join the workforce. The golf course is a great way to connect with colleagues and casually discuss work without the hustle and bustle of the office.

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