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Mike Tyson-Jake Paul Fight Postponed

Written by: Sean Crose

“The highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will unfortunately be postponed.” That's what Jake Paul's Valuable Promotions said in Friday's press conference. The reason? It is reported that Mike Tyson's wound flared up, which happened when the former heavyweight champion was on a flight to Los Angeles last week. “During Thursday's consultation with a doctor regarding his latest flare-up, it was recommended that Mike Tyson do some light training over the next few weeks.” With that in mind, the statement makes it clear that Tyson will be ready to engage in full training soon.

“Both Mike and Jake agree that it is right to ensure that both athletes have equal training time to prepare for this important game,” the statement continued. “The health and well-being of the athletes is our priority and we fully support Mike in taking the time necessary to allow him to perform at the level he expects of him.” A new date for the fight has not been set, but the press release says “a new date for the fight will be announced next Friday, June 7.”

Of course, the idea of ​​a Tyson vs. Paul match isn't making everyone happy. Boxing is a dangerous sport – and it gets more dangerous as the fight ages. Tyson will be closer to sixty than fifty if and when he and Paul throw down the ring. On the other hand, Paul is only twenty years old. And while he doesn't have the great background that Tyson has, Paul doesn't have the talent, and he doesn't have the power. In other words, people shouldn't be surprised if Tyson ends up getting hurt in the fight with Paul (for whatever reason).

With that being said, people tend to cling to their memories sometimes. Therefore, many expect the Tyson who wins Michael Spinks to be the Tyson who takes on a guy thirty years younger than him. That, perhaps, is why the show may go on. People want to see the old Mike Tyson, even though Mike Tyson is gone. People also want to see brave Paul get what they believe he deserves…outcast. However, we don't always get what we want. Again, boxing is a dangerous sport.

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