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Zach LaVine bulls asking price 'too low'?

Do the Bulls see an offseason trade for LaVine imminent? Or will they be satisfied with him on the roster if the trade market doesn't happen? Also, if he is in the team at the start of the season, do you think there will be any disruption/disruption? It seems like everyone has been working for the past year and I wonder if that can last if they aren't really happy. – Steve P. KC Johnson: Content might be the wrong word, and I get the sense that both sides are motivated to make something work this offseason. I don't think the Bulls will take a bad deal if less happens, but I get the sense that they are open to more possibilities than ever. Also of note: I've reported before what their value was—All-Star-level talent, first-round picks or both—and my sense is that it's gone down a lot.
Source: NBC Sports Chicago

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