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Jrue Holiday on Jason Kidd saying Jaylen Brown is Boston's best player: 'I don't think he's lying'

It can be easy to get distracted. But one master on this list knows that the sound must be brought out, especially in these times. “You do everything you can to not go. Your mental health is probably the biggest thing, especially playing in the NBA Finals,” Jrue Holiday said. “When I was in Milwaukee, it was about Giannis (Antetokounmpo) not having enough help in the first two games (against the Phoenix Suns in the 2021 finals), whatever. The pressure JB and JT have to take is something different. I've told them this before, but it's very impressive how they conduct themselves, how they stay at a high level, how they still come out of every game and do what they do.” -via The New York Times / June 6, 2024

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