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NHL Rumors: Any Igor Shesterkin – New York Rangers Extension Talks Will Be Interesting

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show on New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin, who is eligible to sign a contract extension after July 1.

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Marek: “By the way, the candidate for the first election of the year, Igor Shesterkin, “I don't speak English,” when asked about his contract.

Do you have any thoughts on the Rangers goalkeeper, be it the line or his current situation?

Friedman: “We've talked a lot about this. I think the Rangers should, will have to dominate this one. I think they know that Shesterkin has all the power in the world and their job here is to put him at a number where they see that maybe he, maybe he deserves a lot, but they have to build a team around him. And I think that's what they're going to try to do.

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I've heard, I've heard a few people say that, you know, this is a low-key guy, with a great sense of humor.

Marek: “Yes.”

Friedman: “And that was a perfect comment for him, wasn't it? So they weren't really surprised, he just doesn't show it in public.

The thing is, it's the person who pointed me out, and you're the one who raised Carey Price with $10.5 (million) that's the important number here. If you look at when Carey Price signed that deal, it was, hold on and I'll write it down here, the cap percentage was 14%, I believe.

And then, if you look at 14%, it's $12 (million) something. So I don't know if it's going to get there but you know, a lot of agents and teams are looking at the cap percentage.

Marek: “Yes.

Friedman: “And they say that's a comparative fact, not a number. Agents do that in particular. Maybe teams don't do that much but I think teams realize that agents do that.

Marek: “Yes.

Friedman: “So if you look at the percentage, the cap I think Price's number was 14 (percent). So if you go to 14 (percent), it will be, the estimates given to everyone, teams and players, that in the first year of his contract, the cap will be at $92 (millions). So if you go with 14% of $92 (million), that numbers at $12 (million).

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So we will see. I mean, again, nothing is done until it is done. Negotiating, you move, you move the goalposts to your advantage. And you know, like I said, the Rangers have no power here, and they're going to have to find it. They will have to get to the point where they can say, you got it but we want to win, we'll see where that goes.”

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