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Magic team to guard Paul George, Klay Thompson

Interesting discussion. You think about Luke and Kyrie, you and Joe Dumars, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. We've put together a list to further the debate, but is anyone else not thinking enough? Isiah Thomas: “I think it's really hard. This is a very young audience. Gail Goodrich and Jerry West were great. I think they were both between 25 or 26 [points] and Wilt Chamberlain. Those guys were great. [Earl] Monroe again [Walt] Frazier was great. It's really hard. Luka and Kyrie, they are very special on the offensive side of the ball. These two would be hard to guard at any time. They will give it to you. As a fan myself, I love watching them play because it's fun. They give you happiness. They give you oohs and aahs. Offensively, they give you everything you want. -via Dallas Morning News / June 6, 2024

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