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Jontay Porter's lawyer admits the player was 'in over his head' with gambling

It's been two months since Jontay Porter was first suspended by the NBA for his involvement in a sports betting incident, and his lawyer recently spoke about his problems. According to the attorney, the former Raptors player was “in over his head” with a gambling addiction and is now seeking help.

Statements were given by The Associated Press, as they confirm that Jeff Jensen, who is a lawyer for the federal investigation in St. Louis, who is involved in this case, has been cooperating with the investigation.

“Jontay is a good guy with a strong faith that will get him through this. He was in over his head with his gambling addiction. He is being treated and is fully cooperating with the law enforcement,” said the lawyer.

It was the first time anyone from Porter's side spoke to the media about the matter, after the athlete revealed confidential information to sports bettors and even bet on games, including betting his team in Toronto would lose.

Four men have been arrested in this scandal, as the last one was 32-year-old Ammar Awawdeh, who surrendered following the arrest of the first three suspects last week.

Even his brother Michael Porter Jr. he had no idea about Jontay's addiction, as he expressed in the past that he made sure his younger sibling was innocent. “Jontay loves the game of basketball. I have known my brother all my life. “I know what kind of person he is and I know he enjoyed playing basketball, and I doubt he would do anything to jeopardize that,” the two-time Raptors star said.

However, the Nuggets star admitted that NBA athletes are very aware of how their play affects gamblers and that these situations are only increasing in the league. “Yes, especially in the last few years you hear people in the crowd saying they need you to score today or they don't want you to score.

NBA Commissioner Explains Reasons Behind Jontay Porter's Lifetime Ban For Gambling Violations

In an unprecedented move, the NBA decided in April to ban Toronto's Jontay Porter for life after an investigation revealed that he shared exposed and confidential information about gamblers, then limited his performance to at least one game, and then bet on NBA games. competing in the G League.

Both the US Department of Justice and the FBI are cooperating and sharing information about the ongoing investigation, according to the NBA's latest statement on the matter.

“There is nothing more important than protecting the integrity of the NBA tournament for our fans, our teams and everyone involved in our games, which is why Jontay Porter's flagrant violation of our game rules is met with the most severe punishment,” explained the NBA commissioner. Adam Silver when announcing the penalty.

The league explained how it was first alerted to the player's suspicious activity by licensed sportsbooks, as well as market watchdogs and bookmakers. US Integrity, a Las Vegas-based firm that works with bookies, leagues and state sports regulators has followed in Porter's footsteps and said they are “proud to continue to support the NBA in regulated sports betting programs.”

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