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Golf Business News – Year-round pitch praised for Growing the Game

Sarah Bennett (centre), former PGA Captain, WGD UK Ambassador and host at Lexden Golf Club

Women's Golf Day (WGD) celebrations came to an end last week, but the impact is felt around the world and the program continues throughout the year.

WGD's website and social media platform continues to engage and empower women and girls every day and helps connect new and existing golfers with golf facilities, courses, league play, family options and community.

WGD registered golf facilities that host events have an interactive profile page on the WGD website throughout the year to promote everything the facility has to offer from tee times and ladies events to tours.

“Women's Golf Day has changed over the years. Registered venues that host WGD events celebrate our birthday, but the Women's Golf Day venue and team operates year-round. Our platform is a trusted resource that connects women to resources, to partners, a place where they can find ongoing programs and schools, look for places where they are good for clubs, go to a professional golf tournament like PGA TOUR, European Tour, Solheim or Open Event, golf book and cultural tours and much more.

“We have created an environment where women feel comfortable, supported and interested in golf. Women golf every day and so do we – we're more than just a day, more than a week,” commented WGD founder, Elisa Gaudet.

“Women's Golf Day is a testament to the incredible power of sport to unite and inspire. This day celebrates not only the game of golf, but the community and relationships that go along with it. We are inspired by the passion and dedication of our PGA Golf Professionals who work tirelessly to improve inclusion in the game,” commented Sandy Cross, Chief People Person, PGA of America.

Jennifer MacKinnon, Assistant Professor Earl Gray GC

PGA members around the world have been using the WGD as a platform to encourage more women to play, year-round. One of those is Jennifer MacKinnon, Assistant Professor Earl Gray GC who hosted her first WGD event four years ago and is now a 'can't miss' calendar event with over 100 women attending each year.

“Women's Golf Day is a celebration of the journey from picking up your first club to inspiring the next generation. From my first foray into my professional career, I have seen the power of community and support in this sport. At Earl Gray Golf Club, our growing women's league, the women learn golf program and an amazing team of professionals, consisting of 3 women, exemplify what it means to inspire and empower women in golf. Here's to all the girls, women, and volunteers who make this trip possible—Women's Golf Day isn't just a day, it's every day and I look forward to being a part of its growth for years to come.”

Sarah Bennett, former PGA Captain, WGD UK Ambassador and host at Lexden Golf Club also believes that Women's Golf Day is a great opportunity to bring women into the sport and for PGA Members to be part of their journey.

She explains, “The important thing is to create an environment where everyone feels free, not isolated and let's face it, seeing hundreds of women around the world like you is a great way to build community.” The women who played in Lexden arrived quietly and shyly, but left overflowing with joy. One woman came with a golf glove – the only equipment she had – and the next day she had bought a set of clubs and was going to book in my next session!

Brands also benefit from the year-round conversation they have with WGD participants through social media and direct communication through VIP Membership and WGD Connect platforms. Nick McInally, VP Global Marketing, Callaway Golf commented after this year's events, “Congratulations to the entire WGD team. The continued commitment to getting more women into the game of golf is something we share a passion for here at Callaway, and we are proud to partner with them for another record-breaking year”.

Areas that invest time and love in the women's game are now reaping the rewards. One good example is Swan Lake Golf Course. Four years ago the site was first hosted by WGD and 10 women. They didn't even have enough women to start a league. Fast forward to 2024 and build their membership to handle 2 languages ​​and have to run them 2 days of WGD!

WGD 2025 is in its tenth year and will take place from May 27 – June 3. Venues that register today will benefit from year-round access to the website where they can advertise and market all of their sessions, pro shop activities, tours and in-house events. to a highly engaged female audience. To register simply visit:

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