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NHL Rumors: CBA, Cutting the NHL Draft to Four Rounds, and LTIR

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Oh My Bob episode, on the CBA, recaps the NHL draft, and LTIR.

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Marek: “Something from the perspective of Marty Walsh, the executive director of the Players Association, you know, he was asked if he ever asked Gary Bettman about another team in Toronto, and he said, no, he hasn't.”

I've always insisted that I'd like to hear a discussion where the point is raised about how much money the Toronto Maple Leafs have spent on profit sharing and now there's going to be a new team to focus on in their place but still.

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Another thing that Marty Walsh said that I thought was very interesting was that the PA really needs to take some time here and start focusing on the next CBA. And I know when you say CBA, that's a glaze over and you're snitching on a lot of people. However, Elliott, this is the first time I have heard one of the teams say, we must start spending time thinking about the next CBA, which expires at the end of next season, but next season.”

Friedman: “Well, the league, actually when Bill Daley joined Bettman, they talked a little bit about LTIR and …”

Marek: “That will come.”

Friedman: “… that will be a discussion again. I will tell you something else that I heard that a few agents told me about, about the next CBA and that, there are some agents who believe and maybe the PA also believes, we will find out more about it. , that the draft should be shortened to four rounds.

And the reason that, the reason that they feel that way, Jeff…”

Marek: “Why?”

Friedman: “Because they want you to talk to a few players. No, I'm kidding. That is not the reason.”

Marek: “The players complained.

The reason is that there are few players from the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. Like if you look at players who don't get contracts, there are very few picks, right? Most of them are chosen later. right?”

Marek: “Yes.”

Friedman: “And it's the position of some people in the Players Association. And with that I include agents and players and all that, why do they want players to be tied to clubs for two to four years and then not get a contract?

They probably think it's like lifting a player from the start of their NHL career or putting themselves in a better position. Like when someone said to me, wouldn't it be better if there were four rounds and everybody who finished the draft, was a free agent…”

Marek: “Free agent, yes.”

Friedman: “… that way you can choose your organization…”

Marek: “That's right…”

Friedman: “… and sign with them.”

Marek: “You know, there is a school of thought and many people put it forward, that there shouldn't be a framework in the first place. You have a salary cap, so you have, you have a way to…”

Friedman: “That's the thing about the CBA.”

Marek: “then. No, I know, no, I know. Wait a minute, what I'm saying is, some say there shouldn't even be a frame. Players turning pro must be free agents.

You have X amount of money to give to various players. Everyone has a level playing field. Why not just treat everyone as a free agent. This…”

Friedman: “I don't think that will ever happen but I know (inaudible).”

Marek: “I don't think it will be like that. But inches closer to that. Like hearing you talk about this suddenly now you are releasing three rounds of players who will not be selected, their rights will not be available or held by teams, they become free agents and can sign.”

Friedman: “I understand, I understand that this position is not that. It's not about finishing the draft, you know what it's about, why are the player's rights tied for two to four years if it's possible that he won't be signed.”

Marek: “Of course.”

Friedman: “We'll see. We'll see where it goes.”

Marek: “It's interesting. He talked about LTIR a few seconds ago and it's clear that one won't deal with it until the CBA expires.”

Friedman: “Yeah, it doesn't sound like that. It certainly doesn't sound like that.”

Marek: “To anyone. Anyone who wants bad things about Kucherov, Kane, Stone, everything, nothing will happen. Nothing will happen for a few seasons.”

Friedman: “Yeah, it sounds like this is going to be a negotiation issue.”

Marek: “You can do it, if you don't like it, you can do two things. Nothing and you like. “

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