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August 2020 – There was a problem – First Line Rover

Hello students. This is Jeremy speaking from the here and now, as opposed to back in the 1920s where our story ended. Unfortunately, we need to deal with a problem that has arisen.

As recently as yesterday, August 3, 2020, a website called was posting articles from here at First Line Rover under a different author's name without permission of any kind from me. The only thing I was given was a small “Source Link” at the bottom of the page that was completely hidden from the public eye. Not only that, there is no form of communication that I can use to reach these people on their website. Even a simple email address.

Links can be found here on their site to be a judge:

None of these articles were written by “John”. None of these articles have anything to do with US Field Hockey. It's pretty clear that this site doesn't know what it's about, yet they steal it anyway.

If they ask me to post it on their site, using my name and proper attribution, I'd be more than happy to share it with them. I use this site to tell a story, and the more people who read the story the better. But I deserve credit for creating this content, not this “John”, if that is their real name.

Plagiarism is stealing intellectual property. If makes a penny off my stuff, that's worse than simple cheating. Stealing an opportunity that could have taken me and my site to bigger and better places. Their stealing of my work prevents the development of my site and prevents other readers from seeing this content from its original source, myself.

I wonder if the site will release this article again. They already received my post earlier this morning. If that happens, it shows that these people are empty thieves who have no place to post content online. I don't know how many other content creators have stolen from them, but I want to set an example to stop them in their tracks.

Plagiarism is wrong, my dear students. Please pass on the message. Content creators deserve credit for the hard work they put into making your day a little better.

Until this issue is resolved, the First Line Rover will be temporarily suspended. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, and we can continue to explore the wonderful world of NHL history together.

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