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NIT 2017 and a chance to rise to the level of field hockey

Today the college is very popular. Not the last role played in this process are many 'caring' federations, such as the AAU. This center was established to standardize sports in the US and provide programs for all participants of all ages, including students. Although there are many other areas where discipline is developed. Here we will confuse them.

NIT 2017 as a field hockey challenge

The National Indoor Tournament itself is an event that is open to athletes of almost all ages to participate in hockey tournaments. The big one was held from February 17 – March 06, 2017. Here teams from many colleges participated, for example the total number of colleges present was 67. Among the most prominent groups are those from Boston College, Central Michigan University, James. Madison University, Princeton University, Saint Louis University, Ohio State University, Villanova University, Columbia University, etc.
There were some rosters to remember, such as U-10 Co-Ed Rosters, U-12 Co-Ed Rosters, U-14 Rosters, U-16 Rosters, U-17 Boys Rosters, U-19 Rosters.

Special attention should be paid to the efforts and professional activities of team coaches, who prepare young workers at the highest level. For example, the Villanova field hockey coaches and other staff have shown great support for their club and led almost every game successfully. That NIT 2017 proved that the Villanova girls are not easy to compete with. Now university coaches keep delighting their fans with the emergence of promising new stars of the future, such as Suzie Clark. And the Columbia field hockey coaches presented an obvious readiness to make their players fight until the end. This group distinguished themselves very well as well. All in all, this tournament was worth watching and even visiting, a lot of unexpected new leaders emerged.

You can be successful in field hockey if you want

Today there are many opportunities to develop hockey that combine college and personal careers. You can find lots of prep clubs and camps to visit, for example, you can just google and find the ones near you. Another and more professional option is to search by title for nearby sports fields, such as the Berylson Family fields. As a rule, such places serve as a venue for many games and training of clubs.

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