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When Does Golf Season Start and End?

When Does Golf Season Start and End?

When is golf season? For those who like to hit the greens, the answer depends on your location. In this short guide, we identify the exact start and end dates for the golf season in all climates and top locations. Find out when to schedule your rounds in the US or your last golf trip abroad, complete with important tournaments for the avid viewer.

Key Takeaways

  • Golf seasons vary greatly across the US with 18 states playing year-round due to the warm weather, while other states play from April/May to October/November.
  • Around the world, golf seasons vary with countries such as Spain offering year-round play, while others have shorter seasons due to the weather, such as Norway and Finland.
  • The PGA Tour and professional golf seasons are year-round, with significant changes coming in 2024, such as a switch to a calendar year system and an increase in FedEx Cup champion prize money.

Golf season across the United States

As varied as the locations across the United States are, so are the golf seasons. The differences in seasons are mainly due to differences in climate and region. Whether you intend to play in the cold north or the sunny south, it pays to know the official golf season dates. This information ensures your score is posted and helps you adjust your play plans.

Eighteen states, including Florida, California, and Arizona, offer golf year-round because of the warm climate. But not all districts are so lucky. The length of the golf season in the United States varies greatly from state to state, with the colder months often limiting play.

Curious about the golf season in various parts of the US? Let us guide you. We'll start with the northern states, move through the South, and conclude that golf is a year-round sport.

Northern States Golf Season

In the northern states, the golf season usually runs from April to October or November, and the end of the golf season occurs around this time. Take New York, for example, where the golf season runs from April 15 to October 31. It is clear that the spring season, especially for golf in the Northern US, is short, covering only April and May.

What about the fall season? From mid-September to the end of November, the mild climates favor golfing in the northern states. This period, called 'shoulder season,' offers golfers the opportunity to indulge in the game at reduced prices. However, it is common for local golf courses in the northern states to be closed during the winter months, known as the off season, due to snow.

Southern States golf season

If you go south, the golf season usually runs from February to November, because of the warm weather that allows for a long time to play golf. South Carolina, along with the Carolinas and Georgia, for example, have their ideal golfing months in the spring, from March to June, and again in the fall, from October to mid-December.

However, it's not always sunny skies for golfers in the south. July and August are the hottest and most humid months in the Carolinas and Georgia, which can make golfing conditions challenging.

On the bright side, winter offers an economic advantage for golfers in the Southern states, with the lowest golf rates and lodging available from mid-November through February.

Year Round Golf Courses

If you're looking to play golf regardless of the season, states like Florida, California, and Arizona are your best bets. These regions are identified as popular golf destinations throughout the year, due to the favorable climate.

In Arizona, the highest demand for golf peaks from January to March, while in Florida, it is during the winter months. But don't worry if you miss the high season. Arizona offers warm temperatures and low costs for golfers in the off-peak months of April through June and late November through December. Therefore, whether it is peak or off season, golfers in these states enjoy the opportunity to play golf any day of the year, with extended seasons compared to other areas.

Golf season around the world

Crossing borders, the golf season around the world is as varied as the popularity of the sport. Each state, with its different climate and terrain, offers a different golf season. Here are some examples:

  • In Sweden, the south has a long season from spring to autumn, while the north has a short playing time.
  • Norwegian golf courses generally have a short season from late spring to early fall due to the northern latitude and weather conditions.
  • In South Africa, the golf season runs from September to May, providing options for golfers during the Northern Hemisphere's winter months.

The main season for golfing in the northern US is from late April to early October, which coincides with the prime season for golfing in the UK and Ireland. Therefore, when planning a golf trip, it is important to consider the local golf seasons.

Now, allow us to expand our exploration of golf seasons in different corners of the world – starting with Europe, to Canada, and finally to Australia and New Zealand.

European golf season

Europe, rich in history and culture, also has a lively golf course. The regular golf season in European countries usually runs from March to October. The best months to play golf in Europe are usually from May to September, which offer perfect playing conditions.

However, some countries are different from others. Spain, for example, offers the opportunity to play golf all year round due to its favorable climate. On the other hand, countries like Finland have a short golf season that runs from May to September.

Canadian golf season

If we visit our neighbors to the North, the normal golf season in Canada runs from mid-April to October. The official days of the golf season in Canada run from April 1st to November 30th. So, despite the country's reputation for long, cold winters, Canadian golfers still enjoy a great golf season.

Golf season in Australia and New Zealand

Down in Australia and New Zealand, the golf season usually runs from September to May. These countries offer a unique golf experience with their varied landscapes and wildlife.

In the tropical regions of Australia, such as Queensland, golf can be played all year round. Similarly, New Zealand offers golf opportunities all year round, especially in the northern regions where the climate is mild. So, whether it's summer or winter in the Northern Hemisphere, golfers can always head south for a game or two.

Making the Most of Golf Time: Tips and Tricks

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, maximizing your golf season requires more than just knowing when and where to play. It involves conserving your strength and energy, rationally planning your mid-season workouts, and keeping tabs on your workout metrics and club head speed. These tricks will help you maintain peak performance and avoid any slowdown in your game.

But how do you find the right times to play golf? And what steps can you take in your spare time to sharpen your skills? Let's dive deeper into these questions in the following paragraphs.

Great Times to Play Golf

The best times to play golf can vary by location and season. For example, March through June and October through December are ideal for golf in the Carolinas and Georgia. However, in Arizona, the best times to play golf are January through March in high season, and April, May, June, late November, and December for good conditions and reasonable prices.

To prepare for your golf experience, consider the following recommendations:

  • Schedule tee times early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid high sun and heat.
  • These periods coincide with periods of enhanced mental and physical activity.
  • Weekday golf can offer lower prices and a more crowded environment compared to weekends.
  • This can allow for personal preferences, such as cooler weather or schedules that fit warming habits.

Off-Season Practice and Development

Even in the off-season, you can keep your golf game sharp. Focusing on strength training and flexibility exercises combined with specific golf movements can prevent injuries and improve your performance.

Practicing indoors and using home exercises are effective ways to maintain your skills. Indoor putting greens and swing analysis technology can help improve your approach by providing feedback, even if outdoor courses are out of reach. Golfers can also set up a golf simulator at home with essentials such as a TV, putting monitor, golf mat, and net.

Speed ​​training is another method that can help golfers start shooting lower scores.


In conclusion, understanding the golf season in different states and the professional PGA Tour can improve your golf experience. Whether you play golf in the northern or southern states of the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, using this information can help you plan your games and trips better. In addition, using the right strategies, such as scheduling in-season workouts, choosing the best times to play, and using off-season practices, can greatly improve your performance. So, grab your clubs, and let's make the most of this golf season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a season to play golf?

Yes, there is an off season in golf, which allows professional golfers to take a break and recover from the physical demands of the game.

Is golf a spring or summer sport?

You can play golf all year round if you find the right places and time, so it's not just a spring or summer game. Check out resources like Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR for guidance.

What time of year do people start playing golf?

The golf season in the United States usually begins in the spring when the weather warms up. Enjoy golf!

Are there year-round golf courses in the US?

Of course, Florida, California, and Arizona are great year-round golfing options in the US

When does the PGA Tour season start and end?

The PGA Tour season starts in the fall, runs through the summer, and ends roughly the following year with a total of 47 tournaments.

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