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Andrew Basha

2023-24 Team: Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)
Date of Birth: Nov. 8, 2005
Place of Birth: Calgary, AB
Ht: 6-foot-0 Wt: 185 pounds
Toys: L
Position: LW
NHL Draft Eligibility: Eligibility for the first year of 2023


Andrew Basha has been one of the most exciting prospects to follow in the Western Hockey League (WHL). On a small Medicine Hat Tigers team that featured Cayden Lindstrom and Gavin McKenna, a potential first-round pick in 2026, Basha stood out with his intelligence and ability to create plays in thin air. While he may not have the same high potential as his teammates, he has developed into one of the best players in the 2024 Draft.

Andrew Basha, Medicine Hat Tigers (Photo: Brent Just)

Basha's game is all about speed. One of his walking steps. If he has the puck up ice, he will throw the puck to a linemate, following closely behind as soon as an opponent pressures him. Because he's already in the opponent's face, he can provide a screen and prevent him from reacting quickly to the new puck carrier, creating a ton of space and time for whoever receives it. A quick, sneaky game that often results in scoring opportunities.

If Basha doesn't have the puck, he still tries to quickly identify where he can be to set up a play or shoot. He has a strong, quick wrist shot that can beat goalkeepers if he catches them off guard. He doesn't need time to set up the shot, and it can be difficult to learn whether he is preparing to pass or shoot. Even if the goalkeeper is ready, Basha is at a high level in choosing places that will force the goalkeeper to panic in order to recover from the ball, which leads to another chance to score goals. Some of his shots don't have as much power or accuracy, reducing his scoring chances, but he still manages to make them. This season, his 30 goals finished four behind McKenna for second on the Tigers, and led the team in scoring with three goals in five games.

Basha is a very intelligent player, who plays an effective brain game in response to the environment around him. The only problem is that he doesn't do it consistently enough. There are tons of clips online that show his incredible puck movement and patience when looking for rebounds and scoring opportunities, but in my one live viewing, I wasn't impressed with his impact, as he seemed to float away from the team. play. There were few Tigers who had more of an impact than him this season, and the team was plagued with injuries, so his inability to give a consistent effort every game was evident.

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Another thing that hurt his draft potential is his unwillingness to get physical with opponents. At 6 feet and 185 pounds, Basha isn't the smallest player on the ice but he often plays like one, stepping back and passing the puck when he senses an impending hit. He has enough skill and awareness to move the puck to his teammates and help the Tigers keep possession, but in these situations, it could have resulted in a better chance than a tight pass. Despite his quickness, he doesn't have the most efficient skating stride, as his short, quick strides limit his top speed and allow faster players to easily catch him and pressure him off the puck.

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While Basha has the acumen to see plays develop and the awareness to put himself in the right position to take a shot or force a turnover, his lack of consistency and toughness prevented him from taking that next step into a top-flight player. The WHL. Thankfully, issues like these can be trained, and with a much higher basic knowledge than some of his peers, he will be one to watch following the draft.

Some Profiles Are Under Construction

Andrew Basha – NHL Draft Projection

There is no doubt that Basha will be selected in the first round, but where he falls is difficult to name. Some scouts like his vision and playmaking ability and see him as the main driver for the Tigers, while others worry he could be a receiver from teammates Lindstrom and Gavin McKenna. Those different opinions put him anywhere from a lottery pick to one of the last on day one. Thankfully, his recent performances in the WHL Playoffs have proven that he can still be a major offensive threat even if Lindstrom isn't at his best. That should guarantee him a spot somewhere in the early 20s on draft day.


“In his third season with Medicine Hat in the WHL, he's a talented guy who consistently produces offensively. He has great puck skills and can make plays and score. Has incredible swing speed and the ability to move and beat defenders. Moves smartly and smoothly with and without the puck. He always wants to put himself in the scoring positions and can finish with an accurate shot. Great vision and creativity and can make difficult passes look easy. Controls the puck and can make plays with speed.” – NHL Central Scouting

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“In my eyes, Basha's playmaking ability is second only to Berkly Catton of any WHL player in this class. He is incredibly skilled in the offensive zone and will find excellent passing routes with ease. His playmaking ability is further demonstrated by the deception he mixes in his zone puck handling. I really like Basha's skating ability. There are important things that are missing like strength and balance but the way he uses it, and the frequency with which he uses it in games, allows his swing to be a huge asset to his WHL peers.” – Ben Misfeldt, McKeen's Hockey

“Basha continues to impress. He plays the game with a combination of skill and tenacity. Basha is the type of prospect who designs to be able to adapt to any role the coach asks of him. His combination of energy and provocation are attractive qualities.” – Scott Bukala, Sportsnet


  • Vision and Intelligence
  • Puck movement
  • Fast

Under Construction – Improvements To Be Made

  • Consistency
  • Strength
  • Not wanting to be physically involved

NHL Power

As the birthday of Nov. With a late 2005 and three WHL seasons under his belt, Basha is one of the most experienced first-time eligible prospects in the 2024 Draft, which makes his inconsistency even more confusing. He's an incredibly fun player to watch when he's playing, but when he's not, he's pretty much useless. Still, he has plenty of time to fix those issues, which could make him a top-six player in the NHL.


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