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Learn to draw your driver in seconds with these quick tips

Drawing the driver in the dream will increase the distance and lead to improved shots.

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Welcome to Shaving Strokes, the series where we share the progress, lessons learned and takeaways from novice golfers like you — including the speed bumps and challenges they've faced along the way.

You know those annoying shots off the tee that you just can't seem to avoid? If you're like most beginners, that means there's a good chance you're struggling with the chip and driver — and general inconsistencies. You are not alone. But absolutely to kill your golf score.

While there is some debate in golf about how important hitting the entire fairway is compared to other aspects of the game, there is no denying that, for the novice golfer, having a reliable driver shot often leads to better results.

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This is the 'correct' tee length for your driver, according to the Top 100 Teacher


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Instead of letting the hounds hunt for your ball in the rough or the woods – where you're often forced to hit punch shots and low-flying shots that you can practice – you can confidently talk your ball off the fairway, and deliver. you have a better chance of scoring low goals.

It may seem like a pipe dream to hit multiple fairways, but with the right basics, it is possible.

That's why GOLF Top 100 teacher Mark Durland wants to give you tips on how to draw your driver consistently, giving you better contact, more confidence, and better chances of shaving strokes off your round. Check out some of his advice below!

How to draw your driver, according to a top teacher

Durland begins the video above by reminding players of the rules of ball flight, and reinforces the most important change — the clubface! Wherever it starts is the direction in which the golf ball will go. So if you talk to the ball with an open or closed face, you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Durland refers to his favorite analogy of ping-pong to help digest this.

If the ping-pong paddle goes from inside to outside across the back of the ball as if it were right, the ball rolls to the left – which is a draw in golf terms. So if you're trying to draw your driver as a right-handed player, you should get the club path to the right of where your clubface is pointing. (Think ahead.)

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Next, Durland talks about how golfers cut the ball, how they hook the ball, and what we can learn from this to make two simple setup changes to draw a driver in seconds.

“The reason players miss the golf ball is because they open the clubface too late,” Durland said. “But, at the same time, they know where the golf ball is which is appropriate to walk. With their athleticism and hand-eye coordination, they casually swing left (as in right) to try to open the clubface, which is their attempt to produce a more efficient golf swing. “

In Durland's experience, most beginners confuse clubface with clubface when trying to figure out where to start. Many of these golfers swing in the opposite direction, hoping that the ball eventually turns back.

You tell me this is a big mistake, though.

“Remember, we want the ball to go to the golf target, not away from it,” he said. “So by using a closed clubface and a tight grip (like golfers hooking the ball), we can learn to swing harder to get out – which produces the right draw.

Finally, Durland explains what setup changes a player must make to draw a driver correctly.

the golfer swings

Want to hit the drawing board? Start by understanding this simple concept


Zephyr Melton

“Make sure you hit the clubface first again then hold the club,” he said. “If we grab first and adjust the clubface, it will just go back to its original position.”

Durland suggests shooting a window to the right of the target (for a right-handed player), and working on launching the golf ball through this window.

“From a bird's eye view of what we're doing, we're taking the clubface variable out of the equation with setup adjustments,” he adds. “So we can work diligently on the club's path. The drawball-flight comes from the right path of the club (for the right person) with a compact face.”

By taking these tips on your next visit to the range, you can learn to draw a driver, producing results that every student hopes to see on a regular basis.

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