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Fundora: Ryan Garcia Will Lose Fans If PED Allegations Are True

WBO junior middleweight champion, Sebastian Fundora, says Ryan Garcia will lose a lot of fans if he is tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. [PEDs] it was true in his last fight against Devin Haney on April 20th.

Fundora is the fighter Ryan hopes to challenge for his WBO 154-lb title, but that won't happen until he's cleared his PED status.

Garcia: 'It's a conspiracy!'

Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) denies using any PEDs, and feels it's a conspiracy to make him look dirty after defeating a fighter on his way to stardom.

Many fans believe that Ryan should not have defeated Haney, and management made a mistake by picking the wrong fighter. This should never have happened. They feel that something is wrong with the whole thing, hearing that Ryan was hired to help Haney's embarrassing loss disappear.

If enough fans think Ryan was transformed into Superman with the help of PEDs, Haney's loss will be forgotten.

Haney: A Carefully Managed Star

Haney had been carefully matched throughout his career thus far, targeting talented fighters who were small enough to beat him at 135 and 140.

Ryan may have been vetted and considered a safe choice for Haney to fight. Unfortunately, his bosses made the wrong choice, and it blew up in their faces, with Ryan winning.

Now that Haney has been beaten, we see Ryan suddenly come out dirty out of nowhere, and his promoter talks about having his loss reversed, resetting his record as an undefeated fighter. Haney's odometer has been reset to zero, and it will be repackaged.

If you think about it from a business perspective, you can understand where Ryan is coming from. With the money, it's important for Haney to stay undefeated and continue to be marketed as a top 140 fighter.

Haney is being repackaged as this unstoppable force at light welterweight, and the money continues to roll in as it did before.

Fundora: “Not good”

“I hope it's not true because that was a good win for him. If so, that's very disappointing,” Sebastian Fundora told Fight Hub TV about Ryan Garcia's PED test. “He proved that many people are wrong. So hearing something like that, it's not good.

“They will be stopped. They already have those penalties,” Fundora said about what should happen to fighters found to be in possession of PEDs. “A lot of fans will lose enthusiasm for him. A cheater is a cheater. It's not good,” Fundira said of Ryan.

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