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Paolo Banchero: We are not here without Franz Wagner

Fawzan Amer: Paolo Banchero: “We are not here without Franz. He holds himself to a high standard and expects a lot from himself as a player. I've also been in that situation where you felt like you could have done more with the loss but this doesn't explain him”
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🇩🇪 Franz Wagner
🇹🇷 Alperen Sengun
🇱🇹 Domantas Sabonis
🇷🇸 Bogdan Bogdanovic AM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

The Magic shot 33.7% FGs in Game 7 in Cleveland today
That's the worst field goal percentage in a Game 7 since the Hornets in 2016 (32.1%) at Miami.
Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, Jalen Suggs missed a second half field goal attempt.
Wagner/Suggs: 3/28 FGs for game – 4:23 PM

Football Don't Lie @Balldontlie

Paolo Banchero in year 2:
💪 22.6 PPG
💪 6.9 RPG
💪 5.4 APG
💪 Eastern Conference All-Star
💪 Three final games with 30+ points
💪 Four playoff games with 8+ rebounds
The star of Orlando just started 😎 PM

Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet

Definitely not a good night for Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs, as they combined…
3/27 FGM
2/14 3PM
And they got knocked out of the NBA playoffs by the Cavs 😮‍💨 PM

Kevin O'Connor @Kevin O'ConnorNBA

Can't wait to hear from the @ChrisVernonShow about this Franz Wagner 1-for-15 performance in Monday night's Mismatch. My internet connection can go down as soon as it says so. – 3:53 PM

Kendrick Perkins @Kendrick Perkins

Shout out to the Orlando Magic for an outstanding season!!!! Btw they have ONE on Banchero. Real Talk PM

Kendrick Perkins @Kendrick Perkins

Shout out to the Orlando Magic for an outstanding season!!!! Btw they have ONE in Banchero. Real Talk p.m

Ben Anderson @BensHoops

The Cavaliers and Magic should trade Franz Wagner and Darius Garland this summer.
Give Donovan the big offensive wing he hasn't had, and Paolo the guard he needs to free up some decisions. – 3:48 PM

Tim Bontemps @Tim Bontemps

Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner combined for 3-for-26. After a strong start, Paolo Banchero is 9-25.
This summer, Orlando needs to put a quality shooter around them, and Wagner, in particular, needs to regain his outside shot. 9-34 from 3 in this series, 28% this season. – 3:45 p.m

Andrew Perna @Andrew_Perna

A few weeks ago I got it in my head that Paolo Banchero is like Max from A Goofy Movie grown up and I can't stop it now. #NBAPlayoffs #Magic #Hats3:40 p.m

Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham

Today was a really tough day on the Franz Wagner agenda folks. – 3:32 PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA

Banchero looks completely fried on defense. It's not surprising because their entire offense drives past 3 defenders. – 3:24 PM

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS

I wonder when/if Mosley returns to Franz Wagner. You may need the offense so badly that you should stick with Ingles or Anthony. Does Franz have a “closer or so” match? Or does his bad night shooting matter? – 3:15 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

Franz Wagner+Jalen Suggs: 3/24 FGs in three quarters 🫣
Franz/Jalen/Paolo in the 3rd quarter: 2/18 FGs
Donovan Mitchell led the Magic 17-15 by himself in the 3rd quarter – 3:08 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

I think I broke my wrist watching Banchero try to brace his fall. – 3:05 PM

Tim Reynolds @Written by TimReynolds

Paolo Banchero had 24 points and 8 rebounds at halftime. The last Magic player to do that in the first half – Ryan Anderson in February 2012. – 2:40 p.m

Kevin O'Connor @Kevin O'ConnorNBA

2022 NBA draft: Who goes first between Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren? – 2:31 PM

Duncan too @NateDuncanNBA

Free throws:
Paolo Banchero 10-10
Donovan Mitchell 9-10
The first opposing players to both attempt double-digit free throws in the first half of a Finals game since Rajon Rondo and LeBron James in 2010 Cavaliers-Celtics Game 4.
(via @bball_ref) – 2:25 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

Game 7 is almost completely decided by Banchero vs Mitchell. Both have 13 field goal attempts, 10 free throw attempts.
Paolo has 24 points, Donovan has 15 points, Magic up 10 at halftime – 2:23 PM

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46

I #Hats they had a bad first half, but fell by 10 against the Orlando Magic.
On the other hand, Paolo Banchero looks out of control today. The best player on the field so far.
Part 2 will be a dogfight in Cleveland. #NBAPlayoffs    #MagicTogether2:21 PM

Dan Savage @Dan_Savage

Halftime: Magic 53, Cavs 43
Paolo Banchero has game highs in points (24) and rebounds (8) for @OrlandoMagic. – 2:19 PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet

Paolo Banchero is special, man. The league is in a great place with all these young players doing amazing things – 2:18 PM

Bob Finnan @BobCavsinsider

Halftime: Magic 53, Cavs 43. The Cavs are fighting to cut the deficit to 10. Donovan Mitchell had 15 points, Caris LeVert 10 and Sam Merrill 8. Banchero had 24 for the Magic. – 2:17 PM

Josh Robbins @Joshua Brobbins

Halftime: Magic 53, Cavaliers 43.
Banchero: 24 pts., 8 rebs., 2 asst., 1 block, 2 steals
Mitchell: 15 pts., 4 rebs., 3 assts. 1 block, 1 steal – 2:17 PM

Kendra Andrews @kendra__Andrews

Banchero already has 22 points – the most in a Game 7 half by a player 21 or younger in NBA history, according to @ESPNStatsInfo @StatsWilliams – 2:12 PM

Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie

Bad Euro from Banchero
Must be the shoes @ Jumpman23 PM

Tim Bontemps @Tim Bontemps

Paolo Banchero meets this time. Good to see you. – 2:09 PM

Bob Finnan @BobCavsinsider

Garland and Strus each have 3 PFs with 5 minutes left in the first half. Meanwhile, Banchero keeps scoring goals. You are 20 – 2:00 p.m

Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham

Paolo Banchero has 20 points in 15 minutes so far. Guy is an excellent host. – 2:00 p.m

Dan Savage @Dan_Savage

Franz Wagner made his third mistake of the day. – 1:59 PM

Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS

Paolo Banchero is so incredibly talented for his size that he will probably win the goalscoring title one day. – 1:58 PM

Bob Finnan @BobCavsinsider

Paolo Banchero is about to take out the Cavs: He's 18 and the Cavs are 22 – 1:56 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU

I've been very impressed with Paolo Banchero's ability to adapt in this series… and he still has room to improve offensively.
Shot selection, efficiency, rotation could be better but he's only 21 years old and leading a team that hasn't won a playoff series in 14 years – 1:52 PM

Dan Savage @Dan_Savage

Paolo Banchero shows on the national stage that he has created moments like this. – 1:47 PM

Evan Dunlap @BQRMagic

This is another Banchero game. He's not pressing at all in his first Game Seven. – 1:47 PM

Dan Savage @Dan_Savage

End 1Q: Magic 24, Cavs 18
For a @OrlandoMagic team that got off to a slow start in Cleveland this series, taking a lead after one quarter is a big deal.
Paolo Banchero leads Orlando with 10 points. – 1:40 p.m

Kane Pitman @Pitman's

The NBA discussion of the new era has been interesting. With Giannis, Jokic, Doncic, we are already entering a new era. I think it has been a search for the 'face of the league' in America. Answered by Ant Edwards. I suspect Paolo Banchero will join him in 12 months in terms of media attention. – 1:36 PM

Josh Robbins @Joshua Brobbins

Paolo Banchero's stat line late in the first quarter: 10 pts., 3 rebs., 2 assts., 1 block and 2 steals. – 1:33 PM

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina

The Cavs are very lucky that Paolo Banchero can't do anything about Evan Mobley. The other end was bad. – 1:33 PM

Nick DePaula @Nick DePaula

Paolo Banchero wore his own Tatum 2 PE inspired by his “Know / No Pressure” tattoo for Game 7. PM

Bob Finnan @BobCavsinsider

I would always not guard Wendell Carter at the 3-point line. I can't live with leaving Paolo Banchero open beyond the arc. Magic 4-7 behind the arc; The score is 0-2. – 1:22 PM

Josh Robbins @Joshua Brobbins

The Orlando Magic's Game 7 kickoff against the Cleveland Cavaliers:
PG: Jalen Suggs
SG: Gary Harris
SF: Franz Wagner
PF: Paolo Banchero
C: Wendell Carter Jr. – 12:31 PM

Josh Robbins @Joshua Brobbins

Early individual shooting practices continue here in Cleveland, with Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs on the court now: AM

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