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Dan Rafael: Ryan Garcia's Lab Results Show No Positive Test for Third

By @James_theGrad – 05/07/2024 – Comment

Boxing expert Dan Rafael reports that Ryan Garcia's lab results have come back from his previous test for PED 19-Norandrosterone that was banned from the April 19 urine sample and “did not confirm” the presence of the drug.

Good News for Garcia… But Still a Critical Situation

Rafael says Ryan still has two positive tests for the banned PED Ostarine, but not 19-Norandrosterone. He says this is a good thing for Ryan because now he only has one trial of Ostarine instead of another.

Ryan will still face the results of his two positive tests for the banned PED Ostarine, but he won't have a serious result if the other PED 19-Norandrosterone was present.

Planned Sampling Tests

Rafael says that VADA reports that Ryan Garcia B's samples from his two Ostarine tests on April 19th and April 20th will be tested on May 22nd. Ryan can have a representative there to “make sure everything is on the up and up.”

“CONTINUED: A urine sample Ryan Garcia provided on April 19 was positive for Ostarine but also showed that the banned PED 19-Norandrosterone needs further testing to confirm. That has been done. For every lab report sent to VADA, that I received, “you did not confirm.” There is NO failure on the third try,” said boxing expert Dan Rafael X.

What It Says

Without confirming the presence of 19-Norandrosterone, it reduces what Ryan Garcia is accused of. That said, Ryan has already had two confirmed tests for the banned PED Ostarine and may have to face the consequences if a B sample test shows the presence of the drug.

Ryan said in an interview today that he will have his supplements tested to see if any of them have the drug since his tests on April 19 and 20.

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