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Reporter Suspended After Unpleasant Exchange With Caitlin Clark

Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel went viral last month for his exchange with Fever first-round pick Caitlin Clark and has been suspended as a result.

The incident happened on April 17 at a press conference for Clark and his new team.

During the presser, Doyel introduced himself and made the heart gesture with his hands that Clark is known to use during his performances.

“Real quick, I want to do this,” she said to the WNBA's new star as she performed the feat.

Clark replied, “Do you like that?”

Doyel responded to Clark by saying, “I love that you're here” and Clark said, “Yeah, I do that to my family after every game.”

Then, Doyel said to him, “Start doing to me and we will get along well.”

Clark, 22, felt bad after Doyel's speech, which earned him a two-week suspension, according to former Indy Star reporter Bob Kravitz.

“The Star was hoping to keep this anonymous,” Kravitz said. “But it's hard to hide the fact that a leading writer in the metropolitan area disappeared a few weeks after giving Clark an awkward and unfortunate press conference.”

Kravitz also shared that Doyel “will not be attending any Fever games this summer but will continue to write columns on the team from his home TV.”

TMZ Games reached out to Doyel for comment and got an automated message from his email, “Hey there. I'm tired here, so I'm taking a break and I won't check email. “

Doyel tried to apologize after the X incident.

“Today in my unique way, when I welcomed Caitlin Clark to Indy, I put my hands on her signature. [heart],” he wrote to X following the press conference. “My comments after that were unusual and unusual. I am very sorry. Please know that my heart (literally and figuratively) had good intentions. I will do better.”

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