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NBA Confirms Illegal Screen Call Against Pacers' Myles Turner

The NBA confirmed an illegal call on Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner in the closing seconds of the New York Knicks' 121-117 win in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference second-round series, according to the NBA's Last Two Minute Report.

With 15 seconds left and Indiana trailing 118-117, Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton went up as Turner laid a high screen over Knicks guard Donte DiVincenzo. The play caused DiVincenzo to stumble. Turner was called for a foul, which led to Indiana challenging the call.

However, the Pacers did not succeed in this challenge. The agency's report on Tuesday supports that decision. “A review of the foul called by Turner (IND) followed by a coach's challenge was ruled unsuccessful,” the report said. “Turner turns on DiVincenzo's (NYK) and doesn't give him time and distance to change direction before making illegal contact.”

Even then, there were four missed calls in the last two minutes, according to the report of this unit. Turner should have been called for an illegal different screen on DiVincenzo in the backfield with about 10 seconds left.

Next, there was a foul on a free kick by Aaron Nesmith with 53 seconds left. However, kicking calls cannot be challenged – only fouls, goals, and out-of-bounds calls.

The NBA missed a three-second defensive violation on Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner with 1:19 left in Game 1.

According to the report: “Nesmith (IND) touches the ball with his hand, not his foot.” There is no replay trigger to review a kicked football call.”

Before the foul on Nesmith, DiVincenzo should have been called for an illegal screen on Nesmith.

“After obtaining a formal inspection position from Nesmith's (IND), DiVincenzo (NYK) grabs his arm and prevents him from quitting,” according to the report.

Officials also missed a three-second defensive violation on Turner with 1:19 left.

After the call on Turner, the Knicks hit three free throws to seal the win. Before that call, DiVincenzo drained a 3-pointer to give New York a 118-115 lead. This play was made possible by a foul on a Nesmith kick.

Chief of staff Zach Zarba admitted after the game that the punt should not have been called. “Postgame review showed it hit the defender's hand, which would have been legal,” he told Fred Katz of The Athletic.

Jalen Brunson led the Knicks with 43 points, becoming the fourth player in NBA history with four straight 40-point games in the postseason. He joined Michael Jordan (1993), Bernard King (1984), and Jerry West (1965).

The Knicks will host the Pacers in Game 2 on Wednesday night at 8 pm ET.

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