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Donis Haslem on Lakers: 'If the coach is JJ Redick, it's going to be a funny locker room'

Howard has repeatedly said that he has no issues with O'Neal, and recently – appearing on OG's Podcast with Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller – he said that he has tried to brush off the beef many times: “There was no time there. Shaq just reached out like that. I've reached out to Shaq myself many times because I'm like 'what's the problem?' Like, I understand the competitive side, but we're not even competing and it's like two different stratospheres. I was like, he was playing, he was doing his thing, and I was doing my thing. I reached out to him, and I'd like to have some kind of, you know, relationship. Life is too short and for us to be who we are, there is no way we should not be able to work together in any capacity.” -via Clutch Points / May 7, 2024

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