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The news in the ring is all about Fury and Usyk

They USUALLY seem to like funny things, which adds to the sense of events. It is planned to create part of the main event event. A good arrival has long been the basis of the start of the fight week, cutting the invisible ribbon to announce to the world that everything is becoming real.

As expected, the fit and ready Tyson Fury has gone. Recently, he discussed the connection between physical flexibility and mental flexibility.

While providing soundbites from roving microphones held by floating hands is all part of the show, keeping the news in mind is the real goal of fight week.

Syk will never be accused of not focusing. Chasing Evander Holyfield's achievements across time and space has become a sport the Ukrainian may be able to win, especially if he can become the undisputed heavyweight champion on Saturday evening.

Recently, the heavyweight collection found a home in Saudi Arabia. Both of these boxers punched and won there. Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Zhilei Zhang, and Daniel Dubois are just some of the names honored by the Kingdom. But this is a big one. This is the end of one season, providing an outcome that will shape and shape the next.

“I predict that the '0' of man must go. And it's going to be that team over there, unfortunately,” said Fury.

It's hardly an important prophecy, but at this stage, coming up with a new dialogue is the least of one's worries.

Some describe Fury as a throwback—an old-school superhero fighting unemployment to provide employment. That retreating nature sometimes takes things—physically and verbally—back to the streets.

The caricature of the fighting man has a mythical effect, but draws people in. It puts bums in the seats and compels and produces wire sitters to slide into the Box Office and see the spectacle.

Fury and Ngannou caught the unknown, but it just marked time, creating storylines on the road to history. This same road, with all its bumps and potholes, led to May 18 and the undisputed heavyweight champion. Their styles clash, as do their personalities. Deep down, without the bluster and bravado, the two champions know exactly what is at stake.

“Oleksandr Usyk is a great fighter,” added Fury, who has taken on a more casual tone in recent days. “Olympic gold medalist, world cruiserweight champion, world heavyweight champion. But, unfortunately for him, he has to resist big Tyson Fury in my time. I can't wait for Saturday night.”

Usyk, the reigning WBA, WBO, and IBF champion, not only carries the weight of personal and professional expectations but also the hopes and dreams of an entire nation on his shoulders.

“I feel good. Saturday is a special day because I will get another chance to be away for the second time,” he said.

“It's very good for me. It is very important to my country. I like that. I am very grateful for the support of my fans and the Ukrainian military.”

As a heavyweight legend once lamented, everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face, or the mouth, or the nose, or some other part of the body, depending on who remembers the plan.

Nothing changes a fighter's perspective and mindset like an opponent who forces him into the corners. Forcing them to make mistakes and deviate from the path. Often talking about military strategy, Usyk and his backroom army have been preparing and planning with all their collective might.

“I have a plan. It's a better plan. And it's a very good idea,” he said frankly.

Two men, two teams, two great plans, everything was built before the great arrival.

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