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Head Coach Search Failed and Uncomfortable Reunion

Favorites in every competition they play in every year, they are stronger than any other club in the league financially and on the field, with a team that is likely to be surrounded by Europe.

Surely, the Bayern Munich job would be one of the most coveted jobs in world football? Due to recent events, probably not!

Bayern are expected to make a U-turn and “nominate” Thomas Tuchel to a contract extension after being fired by several managers in their bid to take over the German.

It ends the embarrassing saga for the Bundesliga heavyweights as the management realized that dealing with politics and the top management of Bayern should not be difficult, especially if success is expected, not celebrated.

Here's how Bayern's search for a new coach led them to return to the man they already have in charge-

Julian Nagelsmann's failed spell

In a way, this search was destined to fail from the start. When Tuchel announced his departure, the first manager Bayern turned to was the same man they sacked saying “the treble was at risk”.

Nagelsmann had been running in Germany and Bayern thought they could tempt him with more power and influence, especially as the Euros could provide a grand finale to his global reign.

It was not to be. Nagelsmann would not be swayed by the brilliance and promise of Bayern and ended up signing a new contract to stay with the national team until the 2026 World Cup. Bayern were left screaming, it was not the first time it had happened.

Rejection of Ralph Rangnick

Bayern's desperation was on full display as they tried to appoint the manager of the Austrian national team and the “professor” of German football, Ralf Rangnick. He is famous for wanting to take complete control of the football club and the fact that Bayern were ready to sign him despite the club's reputation for managerial responsibilities was a clear sign.

Cruelly, Rangnick thought he had a good thing going with Austria and didn't want a repeat of Manchester United. Bayern were rejected again.

One man's trash…

Links to Erik ten Hag emerged and confused Red Devils fans. The Dutchman was on fire and failing at Old Trafford and now Bayern were considering signing him? Desperation was high and the organization's dysfunctional state and injuries provided Bayern's limiting factors.

However, with Ten Hag's contract set to expire in 2025, even the under-pressure Dutchman has declared his intention to see contact as long as he is not sacked. Back to Tuchel we are on our knees.

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