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WATCH: Young man loses home in Tornado but worries about losing clubs



The young man who lost his house in the Tornado was very upset about losing his golf clubs.

The young man from Greenfield Iowa went ahead with his request to change clubs.

He has been identified as Bradley Gebbie, a golf enthusiast who lost his home in the recent severe weather.

Gebbie's passion for golf was evident and his request will be heard.

“I lost a lot, including my golf clubs, and I had three good putts in that,” Gebbie said.

“I'd like to shout out TaylorMade and Titleist and Callaway, I need a new set. I lost, and I just love golf.”

Callaway was among the makers Gebbie mentioned in his 'shout out' and they were the first to raise some support.

Greg Norman and LIV Golf and Spark Golf have also publicly committed to helping Gebbie get out and continue to feed her love of golf.

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