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Two German players had to be separated after a heated argument in the training ground

The UEFA European Championship is expected to start on Friday in Germany, with the participating countries completing their preparations.

However, the host country of the tournament, which is considered one of the favorite teams in the tournament, encountered a disturbance during training.

Reports from German outlet Bild reveal that Antonio Rudiger and Niclas Fullkrug collided during a public training session attended by 4,000 fans.

The conflict happened during training, when repeated fights between the two players increased the tension. Frustrated after being demoted, Fullkrug reportedly insulted Rudiger, escalating the situation.

This conflict almost turned physical as the players pushed each other, prompting assistant coach Sandro Wagner to intervene to separate them.

Despite the heated discussion, the report says that the matter has been resolved, and there is no animosity between Rudiger and Fullkrug.

The clash comes shortly after the two met in the Champions League final earlier this month, where Rudiger's Real Madrid overcame Fullkrug's Borussia Dortmund 2-0.

As Germany prepares to host Euro 2024, head coach Julian Nagelsmann will be determined to ensure team unity and cohesion at the tournament.

Nagelsmann hopes to avoid further incidents and maintain team harmony as they aim for success on home soil.

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