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Vijay Singh's 3 Keys to Generating Simple Power

High clubhead speed is the key to hitting it long, but easy power starts with solid, square contact on the face.

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Golf instruction is always changing, but the best advice is timeless. In's new series, Timeless Tips, we highlight the greatest pieces of advice from teachers and players in the pages of GOLF Magazine. Today, Vijay Singh shares his secrets to easy power from our October 2004 issue. For unlimited access to GOLF Magazine's digital archive, join Inside GOLF today; you'll enjoy $140 worth for just $39.99 per year.

Everyone could use a few extra yards on their shots. It doesn't matter if you're a weekend hacker struggling to break 100 or a pro grinding to cut, 10 extra yards on your long drives.

That thirst for power has been exaggerated in the current era of the game. With advanced statistics that show well How The bottom line is, everyone wants to add those extra yards.

But that need for (clubhead) speed is nothing new. Need proof? Look no further than the October 2004 edition of the GOLF Magazine. In its pages, Vijay Singh reveals his three keys to easy power — and how you can use them to pick up those precious extra yards.

Vijay's 3 keys for easy power up

I've added 15 yards to my tee shots in the last two years – not bad for a 41-year-old. More clubhead speed has been a big key for me, but the power starts with a solid, square contact. Here's how to gain yards without stepping out of your shoes.

Start with the basics

—Draw so that at least half of the ball is above the topline of your driver. You will make a powerful sweep with impact.
-Every golfer has his own ideal tempo. Set aside 30 minutes a week to beat the driver only. You will find a tempo that is right for you.
-Train the golf muscles. Attach an elastic band to the wrist and practice my turn to extend my shoulders and arms.
-Ask your technician to help you choose a drive. A flexible shaft and weight can be as important as a proper clubhead.

Then remember these three keys.

1. Extend your arc

I am tall and disabled, but even if your body is different, you can still extend your arc. Start in a wide stance, and as you switch to your right side back, push through the grip with your right hand. You will extend your arms and move the clubhead as far as possible, stopping a powerful downswing.

2. Reach the top

In many shots | swing at about 80-percent attempts, but | always do a good upper body windup. I see a lot of rookies cutting through the backs and running the club down to the ball. If that sounds like you, try pausing at the top. You will be in a good position to transfer your energy forward.

3. Let it all go

Too many beginners stop hip rotation on the downswing and swing with only the arms, which slows down clubhead speed. When releasing, include your torso, hips and legs, so that everything moves together. Get it right and you'll hit the ball harder.

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